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Paddle Surf Routes in Tarifa

Visit Tarifa with a different perspective!

Stand Up Paddle routes and excursions in Tarifa

If you have come to Tarifa and there is no wind, doing a paddle surf route can be a very fun experience.
There are several places to go for a SUP ride, but the one we always recommend is going next to the Isla de las Palomas. Crystal clear waters and cliffs make this route the favorite of most clients. Get in touch with us to rent all the necessary gear at the best price.

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If you still do not feel safe to do a route by yourself, you can always hire a paddle surf course and after learning the basics, we always make a small route in the place where we are, which is usually in Balneario / Playa Chica, next to Isla de las Palomas.

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Prices of Stand Up Paddle Routes in Tarifa

What is included in our routes and courses?

Everything. All the necessary equipment, certified instructors, insurance for both RC / accidents and lots of fun!

Prices of our Paddlesurf routes in Tarifa

Participants Days Hours Price per Person
+ 3 Persons 1 2h 50€
2 persons 1 2h 60€
1 Person 1 2h 80€

What is included in our rentals?

Inflatable board easy to transport + folding paddle + pump + neoprene if needed.

Paddle board Rentals 2 hours 1/2 day 1 day
30€ 45€ 50€

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