Paddle Surf SUP Routes in Tarifa with Paddle Fun Tarifa

Stand Up Paddle routes, tours and snorkel around Tarifa!

SUP excursions Tarifa

Description of SUP routes:

If you already know how to surf, or you like after your course to do a route, we have several proposals you will like. From a route around the island of Tarifa, a tour of its coasts and rivers or even a night route. Also, if you like, we can take snorkeling equipment and enjoy the seabed and fishes. Tell us what you want to do and we will arrange for you. Possible discounts for groups.

stand up paddle routes Tarifa

What is included?

Everything. Qualified instructors, RC / accident insurance and fun. If you need a lift, we bring you.


    • 1 Person

    • Per person

      • 80€ / 2h
        120€ / 3h
    • Contact
    • 2 Persons

    • Per person

      • 60€ / 2h
        90€ / 3h
    • Contact
    • 3 or more

    • Per person

      • 50€ / 2h
        75€ / 3h
    • Contact

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