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Stand Up Paddle lessons in Tarifa

sup courses Tarifa

SUP courses description:

In our Stand Up Paddle courses you'll learn the basics of safety and introduction to SUP. After a first contact you will be autonomous and begin to feel the adrenaline of the first surfed waves or if you prefer, a beautiful and exciting route around Isla de las palomas or any of Tarifa´s rivers.

stand up paddle lessons Tarifa

In our Stand Up Paddle lessons you will learn to:

With our teaching methodology, courses developes to suits your learning speed. We will go step by step so you can learn with trust and not fall too much :-)

Learning Steps:

Knowing equipment and meteorology

What kind of equiment are used and when to practice safely depending on weather conditions.

Surfing and safety techniques.

Before go inside the water, you will learn how to paddle and safety procedures.

Balance on the board

We will tell you the secrets to start without too many falls.

Knee surfing and standing up

We begin on knees so you can understand how to surf and after having it mastered, we will stand up.

Basic turns

You will learn to turn and begin to fully enjoy the sport.

Sail and surf

When you have all the technique under control, we will make a route around or surf some waves.

What is included?

Everything. Qualified instructors, RC / accidents insurance and fun. And if you need a lift, we bring you.


  • Group courses are developed with an instructor and necessary equipment for all participants. If you are alone and want to make your group course, is no problem!

  • Reduced group are developed with 2 people (or if you are more, in closed group) instructor and all necessary equipment. Ideal if you come with your couple or friends and want to optimize your time.

  • Private course are developed with 1 student and 1 instructor.

    • Group Routes

    • Per person

      • 50€ / 2h
        75€ / 3h
    • Contact
    • Reduced Group

    • Per person

      • 60€ / 2h
        90€ / 3h
    • Contact
    • Private Routes

    • Per person

      • 80€ / 2h
        120€ / 3h
    • Contact